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Free e-book: Above Market Value

How to sell your home
Above Market Value

 New book reveals insider secrets 

The best thing about real estate is that it has no recommended retail price, but surprisingly, not all property sellers take advantage of this feature and sell above market value.

You might have noticed how some homes sell for a great price in a reasonable time while others linger longer on the market and eventually sell for a disappointing result.

In his latest book, best selling real estate author Ray Wood presents a compelling option for home sellers that want to sell for a top price.

“When equipped with the right information and advice, every property seller can influence their selling results”, Ray says.

“The real enemy when you’re selling are other similar homes in the area competing for buyer attention. The best agents know how to capitalize on the advantages in the system for their selling clients and deliver a superior result, or what I like to call Above Market Value”, he added.

“Some of the best advice ever made available to home sellers” - Doug & Jennifer Beck

“Real estate’s #1 author does it again! A goldmine of valuable ideas no seller should ignore” - Don and Jeri Campbell

“This book is loaded with the best ideas to produce the best result for every home seller” - Robert Wright

“Finally, a practical how-to book that answers the big questions and offers a winning formula for home selling success” - Scott McIntire

“If you had the chance to read this book before you listed your home for sale and it didn’t work out, don’t say you weren’t warned” - Rohan and Natalie Moss

“The price influencing ideas to be found in this book are more powerful than anything currently available for home-selling consumers” - Joel and Kelly Sharpton

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