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In today's highly competitive housing market, it's critical to have someone advocating for you in every step of the process. When you sign up with In the Shoals Realty, you get experience, professionalism, and tenacity! We are here to help you navigate the local market, qualify for the best mortgage, anticipate unpredictable interest rates, negotiate for the home of your dreams, and so much more.


In our initial consultation, we take the time to answer your questions, discuss your needs, and review what to expect.

Property Selection

Our Advanced Property Search aligns your price point with your home priorities to help you find the perfect home.


Contracts are intimidating. We are here to help ensure your purchase is smooth and painless.


Our goal is to get your keys as quickly and smoothly as possible, to get you home in the Shoals. 


What Is Agency & Why Does It Matter to You?

A Buyers Agency is a signed agreement, hiring a real estate agent to be your advocate as you search for a home. According to Alabama real estate law, an agent must be completely loyal and faithful to a client.

Buyer Agency FAQ

Why do I need a buyer's agent? For many individuals, the purchase of a home will be the largest purchase made in their lifetime. Having a professional, experienced REALTOR acting as your dedicated advocate can save you thousands of dollars on the purchase of your home and help you avoid the purchase of a home that may not be in your best interest to pursue. In addition, with the competitive Real Estate market of today, without having an expert by your side, you could easily miss out on the home of your dreams due to the high demand in our market.

As your agents, we will utilize our years of experience, knowledge and expertise to ensure we are finding you the right home for your future and fighting for your best interests throughout the transaction process. Our team will utilize our resources and knowledge to advocate on your behalf, navigating you through the 30+ contingencies in the sales contact and ensuring your best interests lead each decision and action throughout this important purchase.

What if I just want to work with the listing agent directly? Each Listing Agent has a legal responsibility to work in the best interest of the seller. This means the Listing Agent is actually working against you as the potential buyer of the property. While they may be helpful and allow you to view the property without signing an agreement, under state law it is their legal obligation to work on behalf of their seller and it would violate the ethical standards of our profession to provide guidance to you that would benefit your side of the sale. Again, they are obligated to pass along any comments, feedback or information you provide during the tour of the property to their seller’s advantage during the sales process. Utilizing the Listing Agent in any capacity is much like being in court and asking the prosecuting attorney to defend you. Your interests and investment matter! Having an expert agent on your side can make all the difference.

How long is the agreement and what if I no longer want to buy a home? While the period of Agency can vary, we typically include terms of around six months. These can be longer or shorter depending on your purchasing timeline and needs. It is important to understand that signing Agency does not mean that you are required to purchase a home. This is a common misunderstanding. If you determine that you are no longer in the market to purchase a home after our Agreement is executed due to a change in personal circumstances, we are more than happy to pause your Agency at your request.



Now that you know you want to buy a house, how do you know how much you can afford and if you can qualify for a loan? Get started by going through the pre-qualification and pre-approval process with a lending specialist.

In the Shoals Realty can recommend several lending specialists you can trust.


Pre-Qualification is how much a bank will lend you based on your income, assets, and debts. Pre-Qualification is a typically done over the phone with a lending specialist and is the first step to get started in the home buying process.


Pre-Approval is a more formal process of determine your specific buying power. This includes the completion of an online loan application and providing documentation regarding your income and assets. Pre-Approval is typically done when you start looking for houses with a real estate agent, or prior to writing an offer on a home.

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